a Better Future
Our Vision
Aleradio is a passionate team of professionals who strive for deep understanding of clients’ challenges in order to bring them agile software development that meets their business values and needs.
Our Mission
Developing a better future by helping people find best ways to bring new ideas to life using world’s best IT practices.
Our Values
In our work, we strive to unite quality with passion and innovation. We also value open processes, agility, and self-motivation.
The history of Aleradio LTD

The initial team of Aleradio consisted of 5 people and the main activity began when we became a team of 12, symbolic number considering the Agile Manifesto we follow at our company. At the moment, we have grown to 60+ people, with further expansion planned in the near future.

We use
Agile principles
in our work
  1. Frequent updates
  2. Flexible towards changes
  3. Close cooperation is the key
  4. Progress measured by working software
  5. Sustainable development
  6. Customer satisfaction
  7. Face-to-face communication
  8. Motivated and experienced developers
  9. Technological excellence and good UI/UX design
  10. Simplicity is essential
  11. Regular adaptation to changing circumstances
  12. Self-organizing teams